Trip to phukket!

I was stunned, mesmerised n totally involved unless a streaking disco light flashed on me as though it helped me to blink after an hour or so from the start of the show…. thank god
I would ve fogotten amar sitting beside me too 😜😜😜
Siam Niramit – a breath taking, must watch show in Asia
But guys wait a second..
Here’s ma siam niramit inspired art!!
u all need to watch☺
Art lovers ^_^ definitely u’ll love the show and ma art ♡
I’ve sketched it and soon it’ll go on the walls or may be who knows I’ll trace it on my bedroom walls along with eastern mural arts
Fused depiction indeed


Buddha’s wisdom liberation!


Inspired Art!!!

How i ever wish to have in me

Dusky bold looks…
Swishy swashy cascade slipping her shoulder..
Meditating admist greens…
A feminine touch when she adores the fragrance of colourful flowers💐 and strings it to tiara…
How i wish to have in me!
Indeed it’s the Mother Nature _/\_

~My inspiration entirely 💙💚💛💟